This device is designed to be a simple to fit continuous, universal belt weigher . It will measure and record material as it moves along conveyor with a high degree of accuracy. Conveyor design, construction and widths have many variations. This modular weigher can be adapted to most conveyors. The two carry rollers are coupled together with a ā€œvā€ belt drive to ensure positive drive at all times. The rollers are mounted on a roller carry frame at each end with serviceable flange roller bearings. This ensures a very stable platform for accurate measurement. At the centre of the carry frame is a shear beam load cell with a large hard rubber foot and spherical bearing that transmits digital analogue data to a system PLC. The design allows for uneven loading on the conveyor. Attached to the end of one of the shafts is an incremental encoder that transmits speed data back to the PLC. Our PLC is programmed to encrypt the incoming digital data, converter and record as actual weight. The data can be accessed via an H.M.I interface panel. Data can also be accessed via the 3G phone network.

Weigh X Fitted 2weigh for HBMweigh x incline